Carrie Underwood is one flawlessly beauty; from her perfect makeup to those gorgeous runway-ready dresses. Although, it seems that the superstar has lived through some fashion faux pas herself.

"The worst of the worst was, for some reason, I would put a whole bunch of gel in my bangs and comb it over," Carrie tells Marie Claire magazine. "It would dry and you could, like, flick it. I remember my mom trying to talk me out of the crunchy bangs, and I was like, 'Whatever -- you're not cool.'"

Carrie's love of makeup began when her sisters, who she considered to be the 'coolest,' would dress her up. "I had teenage sisters when I was really young -- they were 10 and 13 when I was born -- and I thought they were the coolest with their big '80s hair. I was totally a human Barbie doll to them; they would dress me up and put makeup on me. That's where my love affair with makeup started. And when I was young, I was crazy about glitter nail polish. I would put a different color on each finger."

Since now she's the celebrity spokesperson for Olay, it's only fitting that Carrie has become very disciplined about her skincare routine. "Even if I'm just cleaning the house, I like something on my face," she explains. "I cleanse, moisturize and put on a little makeup; it makes my attitude totally different."

Carrie lists some of her beauty essentials as Vitamin Water, Moroccanoil Light Oil treatment for hair, Essie nail polish in Pop Art Pink, various Olay cleansing products, a pricey perfume called Clive Christian "X" for women (which retails at a hefty $355 a pop) and any kind of candles, especially the ones that smell like food, since she's a self-professed "candle freak."

In other Carrie beauty news, Fitness magazine gave her the 'Best Bridal Body' in its 'Best Celeb Body of 2010' poll. But that's not the only recognition her physique is getting, earlier this year People included the songstress in its list of the '50 Hottest Bodies.'