Bucky Covington and Keith UrbanWhen Bucky Covington and his twin brother recently turned what he calls '32 years good,' they decided to celebrate by sitting around a campfire on Bucky's new 80-acre farm in Nashville. They also thought it would be cool to throw caution to the wind, and ride dirt bikes like daredevils through the woods.

"Safety first -- we took flashlights, and duct-taped them to the front fenders," Bucky tells CMT. Clearly, they were still in the dark, since Bucky ended up crashing his bike and banging up his left knee. Not to worry, the singer/daredevil had an inventive plan to stop the bleeding -- so he took action and charged on.

"I duct-taped a ShamWow to my knee," he continues. " It worked great. But by the time I got home, I was a pint low!" he laughs. "ShamWow!"

With his makeshift tourniquet in place, Bucky was soon flying high on adrenaline. And so began the next part of his birthday adventure when he encountered none other than fellow country star Keith Urban! "Keith comes over to me -- and first of all, he calls me by my name -- which is a lot better than, 'Excuse me, miss.' And then he sang me 'Happy Birthday!'"

Bucky's new album -- the appropriately-titled 'I'm Alright,' which he says is a "fist-pumping good time" -- is due out in the spring.