Brandy Clark may have lost out on two trophies at the 2015 Grammy Awards, but she still managed to emerge a winner after the show. The country singer saw the largest percentage gain in song sales out of all of the evening's performers.

Clark's awe-inspiring performance with country great Dwight Yoakam was a definite highlight of the music-filled night (it even made it onto The Boot's list of the best country moments from the show), and fans agreed. Downloads of 'Hold My Hand' rose by 23,871 percent, to 5,000 downloads for the week; by comparison, Beck's 'Heart Is a Drum' had the next-biggest gain, climbing 2,995 percent, to 3,000 downloads for the week.

The country singer-songwriter also saw big gains in sales of her debut record, '12 Stories.' The disc was the third biggest-gaining album post-Grammys, with sales jumping 275 percent. Beck's 'Morning Phase,' which won Album of the Year, saw the largest increase in sales (945 percent).

Clark's Pandora popularity also spiked 3,763 percent in station adds, and her Spotify streams jumped 34 percent between 7PM ET on the night of the Grammys (Feb. 8) and 1AM ET the next morning (Feb. 9), with a 494 percent increase in streams specifically for 'Hold My Hand.'

The two-time Grammy nominee admits that she's been pleasantly surprised at how the country music community has embraced her, and based on these numbers, it looks like this is only the beginning for this talented artist.

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