Nashville infiltrated the 2015 Grammy Awards; some of the biggest moments of the evening were filled with a twang and acoustic guitar.

From Miranda Lambert's super-sassy performance of 'Little Red Wagon' to Rosanne Cash's Grammy domination, country stars made a splash during "Music's Biggest Night." The following are The Boot's favorite country moments from the festivities.

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    Eric Church Brings 'Give Me Back My Hometown' to the Grammys

    Eric Church took the stage for his first-ever Grammy Awards performance, and boy, did he come through, playing a solid rendition of 'Give Me Back My Hometown,' off his highly regarded 2014 record 'The Outsiders.' It was a musically interesting performance, and as always, the country chief commanded the stage. The song is one of Church's softer moments, but his performance was razor sharp and certainly one of the highlights of the Grammys.

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    Miranda Lambert Delivers Sass in 'Little Red Wagon' Performance

    In one of the fieriest performances of the evening, Lambert delivered her sassy number 'Little Red Wagon' amidst fog machines, wind fans and a whole lot of attitude. It got the crowd on its feet, and her sleek, black-leather outfit won her a few style points, too. The Best Country Album winner wowed fans -- and probably converted more over to the country side. Now everyone wants to ride in her little red wagon!

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    Brandy Clark Makes Grammys Debut With Dwight Yoakam

    There's Grammy debut performances ... and then there's Grammy debut performances with country pioneer Dwight Yoakam by your side. Brandy Clark got to experience the latter at the 2015 awards. The pair performed 'Hold My Hand,' from Clark's debut solo record '12 Stories,' and it was one of the most intimate, well-executed and breathtaking performances of the night. Their harmonies melded sweetly over the acoustic set, and if Clark was experiencing any Grammy nerves, she hid them well. She proved herself to be worthy of her Grammy nominations -- and a standout on the big night.

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    Rosanne Cash Nabs Three Grammy Awards

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    Glen Campbell Wins Best Country Song

    It's ultra fitting that Glen Campbell nabbed a gleaming Grammy for his touching final song, 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You.' The track was recorded in 2013, just two years after his diagnosis with Alzheimer's disease, and was written for his documentary, ‘Glen Campbell ... I’ll Be Me.'

    Campbell's wife took the Grammy stage to accept the award, telling the crowd, “I’m so proud of him tonight. It’s been an amazing journey. He’s been so courageous in bringing awareness to Alzheimer’s and caregiving. Sadly, he can’t be here with us because he is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, but he is healthy and cheerful.”

    The song, which also received an Oscar nod, is transparent, emotive and memorable -- completely deserving of the win, and it will last through time as the final tribute to one of country's greatest stars.

    Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images