Brad Paisley undoubtedly has millions of fans, but one fan captured a special place in his heart, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated teacher.

Ms. Jones, a PE teacher in Peoria, Ariz. who works with special education students, discovered one of her students, Bailey, was a huge Paisley fan.

"We were playing a friendly game of dodge ball," she recalls. "'Beat This Summer' by Brad Paisley came on, and it was as if time had stopped, and Bailey was in his own world."

The teacher reached out to local radio station KMLE Country to try to get tickets for the sophomore when Paisley performs in nearby Phoenix in July, but the station went one step further. They personally went to meet Bailey, and delivered a special message by the 'River Bank' singer, in front of the entire school.

“I watched the video of you singing my songs,” Paisley says in a video. “I heard all about you and I can’t wait to meet you. So, what I want to do is invite you on July 13 to my concert in Phoenix ... Please come see me. Let's hang out. I can’t wait to meet you and I want to hear you sing my song in person.”

Bailey, who was left speechless by the personal message and the unexpected gift, did manage to say "thank you" in front of the entire student body, as well as belt out a few measures of his favorite Paisley tune, 'Beat This Summer.'

Paisley will travel to Phoenix as part of his summer tour, which includes stops in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Canada later this month. See all of his upcoming shows here.