Brad Paisley had some not-so-legal fun with pal Jeff Gordon during the making of the video for his new single, 'Old Alabama,' on the Rick Hendrick Motorsports campus recently, and he figures a few NASCAR fans were scratching their heads that day when they took to the streets in some of the vehicles featured in the fun-filled clip. Not only did Brad and Jeff get to break into Rick's vault and motor around in some sweet vintage Corvettes during the making of the video, but they also managed to run Jeff's racecar out on the open streets, giving Brad a chance to live out his own 'Fast And Furious' fantasy!

"We drove the 24 car around on the road," Brad tells "We didn't make it street-legal. We just drove the thing. That's the beauty of videos -- they'll close down roads for you. People were freaking out! Imagine that car going by you -- Jeff himself was out there driving his racecar on the roads. People saw him go by, and were like, 'What?!! He didn't even take time to switch vehicles before driving home from work?!'"

Brad says Rick's generosity helped him create the scenes for the driving-themed video, and saved him some serious bucks in the process, as well. That money he saved will probably go to good use, since he and Jeff are planning on teaming up this year to give both of their fans some special experiences, as well as combine their charities whenever they can.

"Rick's been so generous. He let us use all these old cars and his facility. We couldn't have done this without him. You've got these backdrops that look like they're part of a set, but they're not. They're part of his facility. If we'd have had to pay for this stuff, it would've been a million dollar video. We're using this video as an excuse to give some tickets away. We're pairing up to give away tickets to the races to my fans, and tickets to my concerts to his fans, and combining our charities here and there. It's a chance for both of us to do good that way. And it'll be a great use of a famous friendship."

This isn't the first pairing for the two, who resemble each other and pulled a great sight gag onstage during last year's CMA Awards when Jeff walked out onstage in a cowboy hat next to Brad, making it tough to tell who was who. Brad says they met through a mutual friend at Pixar, and have been fast friends ever since.

"We have a common friend in John Lassiter (CCO) at Pixar, and have gotten to know each other through them. All it takes is one other family that you hang out with, and next thing you know you're all around together. I think the world of Jeff. He's a good guy."

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