Bo Bice has released his latest single from his new album, '3,' which hit stores this summer. 'You Take Yourself With You' is a song Bo holds close to his heart, as it reminds the singer of his teenage years when he first left home.

"The chorus of the song is loosely based around something my Dad told me," Bo tells The Boot. "My Dad would say, 'Bo, in life, always treat people like you want to be treated, but don't ever expect it back. Work hard every day and know that you have got to look yourself in the mirror. It doesn't matter how far you go or how high you fly, you take yourself with you every day, and you've got to live with yourself.'"

Bo co-wrote 'You Take Yourself With You' with writing buddy D. Scot Miller who also helped co-produce half of the '3' album. "The song came to us when we were hanging out at my studio," Bo recalls. "A lot of writing sessions start with you getting there and breaking out your guitars, and a lot of them start with a smile, a cup of coffee and a little bit of a conversation. Those conversations drive those creative juices into flow because you're almost looking for something that sparks both of you whether it be something that you're watching on TV or some kind of story you're telling one another back and forth. You find something you can relate to."

When the conversation turned to leaving home, both writers had special stories that would create a very personal song. "I was speaking a little bit about my relationship with my family and how hard it was to leave home," Bo explains. "For me, I was leaving London, England. That's hard to do when you're 17 years old. It's easy to leave home when you have your folks down the street to bum Ramen noodle money off of! [laughs] For him, it was just this dusty road he traveled down every day of his life for years, but that was the same dirt road that was going to take him out of that town and open up his life."

The video for 'You Take Yourself With You' is scheduled for release later this month and features various photographs of Bo's earlier years.

In other Bo news, Tennessee Titan fans can catch the singer performing the national anthem during the opening season game Monday, August 23, at Nashville's LP Field stadium. The Titans will square off against the Arizona Cardinals for the first Monday Night Football game of regular NFL season play.