Since his 2005 finish as runner-up (to Carrie Underwood) on 'American Idol,' Bo Bice has been making music non-stop. His new set of tunes, however, may be a bit surprising to even his most loyal fans.

"I'm still busy with music," Bo tells Billboard magazine. "One of the coolest things is that I've been working on my ministry more, working on a Christian EP that I'm about to put out on my record label."

The avid painter, who has also been selling some of his artwork, insists that this latest project isn't much of a departure from the music he's released in the last several years.

"People will say, 'So, you're going to do some Christian work, huh?' and I say, 'I've been doing Christian work since 'Idol'," he maintains. "If you look at the stuff I was doing right after, on 'Real Thing,' one of the songs I did was called 'Valley of Angels' -- a very spiritual-based song. On my follow-up CD, 'See the Light,' the single was 'Witness,' which was very spiritual-based music. This is just another dimension into that."

The singer says he hopes fans of the rock format will embrace his style of Christian music. "I'm really trying to bring that Black Crowes/Lenny Kravitz feel to Contemporary Christian, and I'm not trying to thump people with the Bible. I'm just trying to spread the word about what has helped me through life."

The married father of three boys, who was arrested in 2003 for cocaine possession, has also undergone a personal change that has affected his music. "I've been sober since October of last year," he acknowledges. "I took a retreat and got my head together. I quit drinking so much because it kind of got the best of me. Since then, I've really been focused on family, my ministry, and what the Lord has for me next."

One of those changes includes spending more time in middle Tennessee. "They call it Music City for a reason. Nashville is known for more than country music," the Alabama native explains. "So, to be in the middle of that growth on a yearly basis helps you keep your chops up, and ahead of the curve. It's an important part of my music, but also my life. My wife and kids have been here. Lately, we've been splitting our time between here and Atlanta. My family is from there, and we found a little spot on the lake near them, so I do my music here, and my business. Then I go live on the lake and fish in Georgia. I get the best of both worlds."

Bo has upcoming tour dates slated for Florida, Texas and North Carolina. Keep track of his concert schedule here.

Watch Bo Bice's 'Witness' Video

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