Blake Shelton looked handsome as all heck while preforming "Gonna" in a sea of fans all wearing light-up bracelets at the 2015 CMA Awards.

Aside from the thousands of color-changing bracelets in the crowd, the rest of Shelton's performance was focused on the man himself, strumming on his guitar in front of a standing microphone.

Written by Luke Laird and Craig Wiseman, the uptempo song features lines like, “Love you all night long / ‘Til the cricket starts trippin’ / Girl, I ain’t just flirting, I’m certain / I’m working on a long-term plan / Gonna be your man / Gonna put a little rock steady on your hand.”

In his personal life, Shelton just made a splash with the confirmation that he and fellow The Voice coach Gwen Stefani are in a relationship.

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