Blackberry Smoke have released "Let It Burn" as a single. The song comes from their upcoming new album, Like an Arrow.

"Let It Burn," written by BBS' Charlie Starr, is about a man who thinks the town he lives in is what's causing his problems; however, as the song progresses, listeners will realize that the protagonist is blind to the fact that his bad luck might be his own fault.

“I know that guy; in fact, I might have been that guy,” Starr tells Entertainment Weekly. "A lot of people that I know, myself included, have blamed our problems on a place or a person or a certain situation. Sometimes you just can’t see that it’s your fault.”

Lines like "I can't be sentimental / When it means nothing to me" make it clear that the man in "Let It Burn" is done with the town he is getting ready to leave and is content to, well, "let it burn." Despite that "done with it" attitude, the song's melody is a call to dance, with a steady, upbeat tempo that's hard to resist. Readers can press play below to hear the tune.

Like an Arrow is available for pre-order on Blackberry Smoke’s website, where fans can also find a list of the band’s upcoming tour dates. The disc is due out on Oct. 14.

Listen to Blackberry Smoke's "Let It Burn"

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