Andy Gibson, whose debut single "Wanna Make You Love Me" is steadily climbing the charts, headed into the studio this week to record a new tune that he wrote for a 5-year-old boy who is overcoming a tragic start to his life.

Holden Deshazo was only 5 weeks old when his mother did the unthinkable: harmed him so severely that doctors determined he would never be able to produce children. While she is now serving a 99 year prison sentence, her son is facing unfathomable odds to overcome his early challenges. That's where Andy and his award-winning producer James Stroud stepped in.

James invited the little boy from Deer Park, Texas, to a recording studio in Nashville, all expenses paid, to participate in the recording of Andy's song. "Let's make it his day, let's make it Holden's day and make people aware of his needs," James tells WSMV-TV/Nashville. "First of all, he was hurt when he was 5 weeks old. That's not fair. That's the first thing. He's making an effort to live and to be normal and to force his way into life, and that's inspiring to me."

During the session, the precocious child showed his love for drums, and boasted that his arms were well prepared for their workout in the studio. "I've been working out in the gym just today," Holden shares. "I've been lifting weights and not dropping one, not one time!"

Watch video of Holden in the studio below.

"He's going to be something we're all going to be proud of, and we all need to give him a little help so he can get there," James insists.

All proceeds from the song will go to Holden's medical bills. A foundation, Heroes for Holden, has been set up to help with the little boy's ongoing expenses, including a genital reconstructive surgery, in order for him to live a normal life. Donations can be made here.

Watch Holden in the Studio

Watch Andy Gibson's "Wanna Make You Love Me" Video
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