Congratulations to Aaron Tippin, who became a first-time grandfather last week!

Aaron's daughter, Charla Tippin Smith and her South Carolina Air Guard Blackhawk pilot husband, Kenneth Smith, became first-time parents on Saturday, November 13. Their baby girl, Lorelai Piper, was born at 10:02 AM.

Deciding what to call grandparents is always a tricky subject, but Aaron has that all worked out. Grandpa Tippin says he will appropriately be called "T-Paw."

Mom, Dad, baby and T-Paw are all said to be doing well.

Luckily for T-Paw, he is being let off the hook for changing his new granddaughter's diapers over the next few weeks. Aaron is gearing up to head overseas to entertain the troops during the Thanksgiving holiday for his ninth consecutive year. He will return to the States in December for a handful of dates, before heading to Japan December 17-20 to deliver a Christmas performance in Okinawa for the United States Marine Corps at Camp Hansen.

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