American Idol Finalist Aaron KellyFormer 'American Idol' contestant Aaron Kelly has already announced he's committed to country. And now, the 17-year old Pennsylvania native is making good on that promise.

"[I'm] doing some songwriting in Nashville and pitching songs to other artists," Aaron tells TV Squad. "There are so many different things that I can do with music. 'Idol' has really given the platform and the chance to get into that ... Before, I wouldn't have really been able to do these things, or nobody would really listen, because you're a 17 or 16-year old kid, and people don't really take you seriously. But now, I have that advantage. The show's given me that opportunity."

Aaron hopes that through his songwriting, fans can see who he really is, beyond the 'Idol' stage. "My plan is to get as many songs written as I can, so that when it does come time for an album I've go this thing all set and ready," he says. "That way, I'm not caught off guard, and I'll already have songs that represent me as an artist, because I felt like songwriting is another perspective of an artist. It's something that shows you in a different light. It's a different perspective of me that people didn't get to see on the show -- that I write songs -- so it's something new that the audience or the fans watching the show get to learn about me."

He may just be finishing high school, but the teen says he hopes to continue to embrace his youth through his writing. "It's just kind of whatever comes to mind, or whatever fits into a good idea, and then we write around that. It's like the teen love story thing ... Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift."

Those are also the artists Aaron looks to for ideas for his live shows. When asked to describe what his set is like on the 'Idol' tour, he answers, "Rascal Flatts -- they're definitely a given. 'Fast Cars and Freedom' is one of the songs I'm doing. If I were to put out an album, that's the direction I see myself going in. My set's going to really revolve around that."

And just like the Flatts, Aaron insists: "No cowboy hat! [laughs] But [I'm] definitely always gonna have the boots -- cowboy boots -- and keep it with my country thing. It's going to be very modern country."