Trace Adkins will get intimate with his fans this spring. The 'Just Fishin'' singer is hitting the road on his 'Songs & Stories' theater tour, with the first stop in Des Moines, Iowa on March 8. This trek will be structured differently than traditional tours, with Trace incorporating tales from his life as a roughneck, singer, actor, 'Celebrity Apprentice' finalist, husband and father.

"I've had many narrow escapes and blessings in my life," Trace admits. "The right song at the right time has been my saving grace and that's something I have in common with the audience. Sharing meaningful songs, stories and some laughs 'around the campfire' is the country music tradition and I'm looking forward to it."

As the father of five readies to share how his songs parallel his life's experiences, fans can do the same. You can share your own anecdotes about the songs that have shaped your life on his 'Songs & Stories' page here.

Fan club members can already buy tickets for the March stops, with all March tickets going on sale this Friday (Jan. 27). Tickets for the April and May shows go on sale Feb. 3, with pre-sale starting Jan. 30. More dates are also expected to be announced soon.

'Songs & Stories' Tour Dates:

March 8 Des Moines, Iowa

March 9 Kansas City, Mo.

March 10 Peoria, Ill.

March 15 Milwaukee, Wis.

March 16 Rochester, Minn.

March 17 Grand Forks, N.D.

March 22 Birmingham, Ala.

April 12 Ashland, Ky.

April 14 Toledo, Ohio

April 18 Louisville, Ky.

April 19 Spartanburg, S.C.

April 20 Charlotte, N.C.

April 25 Denver, Colo.

April 27 Salinas, Kan.

April 28 Tulsa, Okla.

May 3 N. Charleston, S.C.

May 4 Savannah, Ga.

May 10 Davenport, Iowa

May 11 South Bend, Ind.

May 12 Memphis, Tenn.

May 17 Atlanta, Ga.

Watch Trace's 'Just Fishin'' Video
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