Nashville producer and musician Tony Brown was arrested, again, on Wednesday (June 29), for allegedly violating a restraining order.

Nashville's Tennessean reports that Brown, 69, followed a woman he knows and others in a car in a Green Hills-area parking lot on Tuesday (June 28); News Channel 5 reports that the woman is his ex-wife Jamie, who was in a car with three other people in the parking lot of a strip mall at Hillsboro Pike and Glen Echo Road.

"The suspect then was seen driving up and down different parking lot rows and rubbernecking as if looking for them," Brown's arrest warrant reads. "He drove past two exits to Hillsboro Pike as he did so."

Brown's ex-wife claims that he purposely showed up at her nail salon and followed her and her fiance; when the woman and her friends left the area, Brown attempted to follow them. However, the Tennessean reports that Brown calls the allegations absurd and false. A statement released by his manager, Melissa Core of Dead Horse Branding, says that Brown was meeting gospel music industry colleague Dony McGuire at the Starbucks in the area, and the fact that Brown happened to cross paths with the woman was coincidental.

"Mr. Brown never left his vehicle," the statement reads. "No words were exchanged between the parties. This was nothing more then a coincidental crossing of paths in Tony’s own neighborhood not even 1 1/2 miles from his house."

Brown's court date is scheduled for July 12.

On Feb. 23, Brown was arrested for a domestic assault charge involving his ex-wife, whom he married in February 2013. At the time, she sought an order of protection against him, claiming that Brown beat her up during a fight about a photo shoot scheduled for the following day.

Brown was also arrested in October of 2013 for domestic assault resulting in bodily injury, stemming from an alleged fight between himself and his wife that occurred in September of 2013. According to a representative for the producer, in June of 2014, an assistant district attorney signed an expungement letter wiping the event from his record.

Brown's troubles began in April of 2003 when he fell at a business dinner in Los Angeles, Calif., suffering a severe brain injury. He had two brain surgeries and was put in a medically induced coma, and in 2007, he was diagnosed with serious depression. His personality changed over the four years leading up to the diagnosis.

Brown is known as one of the most inventive record producers of the 1990s. Among his credits include producing albums for Reba McEntireGeorge StraitVince Gill and many more.

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