Performing earlier this week in his native Upstate New York, Gloriana singer and guitarist Tom Gossin dedicated a song to a girl. Such things are fairly standard in country music, but this wasn't just any girl -- her name is Jaime Moffett, and earlier this month, Tom revealed, they got engaged.

"This is a song I wrote for the new album and is about a girl I met in North Carolina who just last week I got engaged to, and this is our story," Tom said, introducing the new tune 'Carolina Rose,' Taste of Country reports.

The announcement came during a show sponsored by local Big Frog 104, and in an interview with the station, the singer revealed how the proposal went down.

"We were with friends on a rooftop in Atlanta," Tom said. "My friend was videotaping the skyline when he said 'Isn't this your anniversary?' I said 'Yes, and maybe we should make it official.' I dropped to one knee with a ring, catching Jaime totally by surprise. And of course she said 'Yes.'"

Check out video below.

Watch Gloriana Perform 'Carolina Rose'

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