"We have taken a couple of days to try and even begin to emotionally process the magnitude and gravity of the tragedy in Indiana on Saturday," reads a letter from Sugarland posted on the country duo's website.

Sugarland's Kristian Bush, Jennifer Nettles and their entire band and crew are in mourning following the devastating storms in Indianapolis that caused the rigging above their stage at the Indiana State Fair to collapse, killing five people and injuring dozens more. "We are in the process of planning a private memorial in Indiana, to honor those fans who died," Sugarland continue in their note to fans. "We would first like to hold space so that their families can have time to go through their own services and memorials. Until that time, we are holding vigil for them. We join them on their mourning benches. And we stand in the gap asking God to offer them peace and healing. For those suffering from injury, we hold you up with prayers for complete healing of your own."

Sugarland just barely escaped injury themselves. The duo and crew had just wrapped up their prayer circle, which they do just five minutes before beginning each show, and were making their way to the stage when their tour manager, Hellen Rollens, looked up at the eerie sky and decided to hold the band back. Just at that moment, they heard the stage collapse and took cover.

Jennifer and Kristian are focusing on the victims but also took time to update concerned fans on their own well-being in the wake of the trauma. In the letter, they go on to explain that they've taken a few days off to be with family but that it's their tour family with whom they now need to reunite to share their healing process. "The emotions have us yearning to be close to each other immediately," they write. Thus, they will resume their normal tour schedule, albeit without their elaborate set and with borrowed instruments, this Thursday (August 18) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Read Sugarland's entire letter here.