Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, who make up the award-winning duo Sugarland, have risen to superstardom status, thanks to fun, uptempo hits such as 'All I Want to Do' and 'Stuck Like Glue,' but it's their current single, 'Little Miss,' that is causing fans to speak out. Literally.

The tune, with lines including "Little miss, you'll go far / Little miss, hide your scars ... It's alright, it's alright, it's alright / And it will be alright again," so moved a loyal listener named Erica, that she created the Little Miss Project, and captured it all on video.

In the short film, individuals start out by sharing what Sugarland means to them personally, and then segue into holding up signs about the obstacles they're facing, like "I overcame anorexia, it didn't overcome me," and "My biggest fear was losing my pregnancy again." As the video continues, the signs change from sharing their difficulties to sharing how they overcame their struggles. (Watch the video below.)

The beautiful video prompted Jennifer and Kristian to start the Little Miss Project, inviting people all over the world to share their own stories via video, which could then be shared on their official website. Videos can be uploaded here.

Sugarland have always hoped fans would be inspired, more than entertained, by their songs, which is undoubtedly why they were so quick to embrace the Little Miss Project. "Music is a performance art, there's no question,"Jennifer Nettles tells The Boot, "but at the end of the day it's a sacred space, a communion, between us and the audience."

The Grammy-nominated pair have extended their Incredible Machine Tour into 2011, making stops in Texas, Florida and Tennessee. Watch the powerful Little Miss Project video here.