Alana Springsteen is a singer, a songwriter and a powerful performer ... at the ripe old age of 11 years old. The Virginia native recently caught the attention of Sugarland's Kristian Bush, who has been meeting with the precocious young girl and her family in Nashville, in hopes of helping her get a record deal. But it was in Alana's hometown of Virginia Beach last week, during an April 26 Sugarland concert, where the young girl proved she is ready to be a star.

"[Kristian] said you have the opportunity to sing 'Baby Girl' with us, are you ready?" Alana recalls (quote via 13 News/WVEC). "And I said yes! I'm totally ready."

Alana's parents, David and Shannon Springsteen, proudly watched from the audience as their talented daughter sang her heart out. (Watch a fan's footage of the performance below.) "As soon as the first verse got done it was like, 'I got this stage!'" David says. "She was walking around, flipping her hair, and I was like, 'What is going on?'"

Alana has even written a song with Kristian and his brother Brandon ... perhaps to be featured on her debut album? The young musician has also performed the national anthem at Chicago's Wrigley Field and continues to balance school with career planning. Luckily, her lofty dreams are balanced by a family that keeps her grounded.

"We tell Alana, God opens doors and whenever He opens them, you go," David continues. "As long as she remembers that this is a gift that's been given to her to bring happiness and steer people in the right direction, it will always be there."

Kristian isn't the only band member who is spending time mentoring new artists. His partner, Jennifer Nettles, will appear on the ABC show, "Duets," this summer, along with Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke and Lionel Richie. The new show allows each celebrity coach to find and mentor new and undiscovered talent, with the ultimate winner securing a deal with Hollywood Records.

Sugarland is in the middle of their In the Hands of the Fans tour, which takes them to California, Arizona and New York in the upcoming weeks. See their concert schedule here.

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