Sugarland's new album, 'Love on the Inside,' won't hit stores until July 29, but fans are getting an early special treat. The CD's Deluxe Fan Edition will be available July 22 with five bonus tracks, an expanded booklet and a free download of behind-the-scenes footage of the duo in the recording studio. Additionally, those who pre-order the album will get an instant download of its first single, 'All I Want to Do,' and the 'Life in a Northern Town' video.

'Love on the Inside' is Sugarland's third studio album. Its title reflects the album's theme from start to finish.

"We wanted to write a record about love," lead singer Jennifer Nettles told The Boot. "Not just romantic love or a record of love songs in the traditional sense, but all kinds of love -- the beautiful complexity of love. Self love, love lost, new love, pain from love, all kinds of love."

See the album's full track listing after the jump, and click here to pre-order on iTunes. Come back to The Boot on July 22 to read our full interview with Nettles, as she talks about everything from concert stunts to celebrity crushes.

Sugarland, 'Love on the Inside' Track Listing:

1. 'All I Want To Do'
2. 'It Happens'
3. 'We Run'
4. 'Joey'
5. 'Love'
6. 'Genevieve'
7. 'Already Gone'
8. 'Keep You'
9. 'Take Me As I Am'
10. 'What I'd Give'
11. 'Steve Earle'
12. 'Very Last Country Song'

(Deluxe Fan Edition)
13. 'Fall Into Me'
14. 'Operation: Working Vacation'
15. 'Wishing'
16. 'Life In A Northern Town' (Live)
17. 'Come on Get Higher' (Live)