Rory Feek of Joey + Rory has announced plans for a book titled This Life I Live.

The singer, who gained a wide audience through his blog This Life I Live during the extent of Joey Feek's battle with cancer, says the book is "almost finished."

Rory Feek writes, "Over the last six months or so, I have been asked many times (and encouraged many more times) to write a book." But, This Life I Live isn't filled with stories of Joey's last few months on earth or even the two years he's been blogging. Instead, he says, "It is a book that covers a life time."

Feek tells fans that he had "always wanted to write a book" and even had a meetings a few years ago regarding this desire, but it wasn't meant to be ... yet. They weren't, as he puts it, "famous enough" according to their Q score which gauges how recognizable you are.

However, Feek says his wife believed he would write a book someday: "She, even more than me, believed that I had something to say."

When the singer began his blog at the beginning of 2014, he thought it would be about simplifying their lives and raising baby Indy -- but a few months into writing, Joey Feek was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the summer of 2015 and ultimately passed away on March 4, 2016.

"The calls started coming in around December I think," Rory Feek writes. "From publishers and agents who were aware of my blog and the story I was telling, and my wife was living, They saw something I guess: the prayers on Joey’s behalf, the Facebook numbers, the national press. A perfect storm. A husband with a voice, a wife with a story, and an audience who cared about them. Sadly, our Q score and fame had finally risen to a place that made publishers interested."

While it was Feek's dream to write a book, he speaks the truth loud and clear: "So yes, I am writing a book. And part of me is thrilled. And another part of me is embarrassed. Because of what it took for the opportunity to come around. Because the one person that made this possible, isn’t here to share it with me."

Joey Feek was able to hear about the book, says her husband. She told him, "You were born to do this," and he writes, "My eyes began to well up with tears. She knew what I was thinking… 'I may have been born to do this… but why do you have to die to make it happen?' She just kept holding tight to my hand and smiling and saying, 'His will honey, not ours.' And so it is. I don’t understand it. But it is."

While country fans know Rory Feek as an incredibly humble, caring, godly man, he says the book follows his transformation -- that he "was probably the least-likely guy that you would have ever thought would go on to be a part of inspiring others by how I love and have been loved."

He details, "It is a book about a man so lost, it’s a miracle that he was ever found. About doing unforgivable things, and still being forgiven. About the grace of God and the girl He used to change me and everyone around me forever."

Feek concludes, "Mine is a story about going from being a nobody, to being somebody’s… Joey’s. And how she changed everything in my life, and how she’s still doing it, even now."

This Life I Live will debut on Feb. 14, 2017. Feek is currently working on a documentary honoring his late wife, To Joey, With Love which will be in theaters for one night only, Sept. 20. Fans can visit the film’s official website for more information.

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