Martina McBride is currently on the road with George Strait, but that won't be the only chance you'll have to see her live in 2012. The Grammy-nominated songstress has revealed that she'll be hitting the road by herself later this year.

"I'm going back out in April for my own tour, a theater tour," she tells Access Atlanta. "I'm excited. I'm looking forward to doing a more intimate show and slowing things down."

Fans who have the opportunity to see Martina with King George may not want to pass up this upcoming trek, since the Kansas native will have the opportunity to change up her set-list. Moving from an arena setting to theaters will allow her to choose different tunes.

"It is hard, and the ballads are the first to go, unfortunately," she says. "But in an arena, you want to keep the pace going. In a smaller venue, you can take your time. But I'm doing some songs from the new album and the classics. It's a mix of what I think people want to hear from the old stuff and the new songs."

Another notable difference will be that with the Texas icon, Martina has been performing in the round. "It's pretty simple, really, which is good," she says. "Being in the round, it's hard to do a whole lot of production, so it just focuses on George when he's on stage and me when I'm up there. You can really focus on the music."

Martina also recognizes that there's one other major component that's contributing to the success of her current tour. "A lot of hits, a lot of songs that people know," she acknowledges. "And longevity. [George and I have] both been at it a long time, and [for fans] it's comfortable and exciting to come and hear that many songs that you know. Even for me, watching his set, I hear all of these songs that take me back to so many places in my life."

A full list of Martina's theater tour dates is expected soon. Her next stop with George is Saturday (Feb. 4) in Las Vegas. Get details here.

Watch Martina Discuss Her Album, 'Eleven'

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