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Martina McBride is sharing her strategies to stay trim, healthy and beautiful.

In a soon-to-be-released Self mini magazine sub-titled 'Love Your Lilith,' Martina joins Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, Sheryl Crow, and other Lilith Fair performers in sharing personal stories about healthy living.

"Having responsibility for another life makes you pay attention!," says Martina in the magazine, which is available at Lilith Fair concerts now or on news stands beginning August 3. "I wanted to put the best things in my body so my babies would get the nutrition they needed."

In an interview with 'Ladies Home Journal' about her role as the new face for Cheerio's 'Love Your Heart' campaign, Martina tells how she manages to continue that nutritious eating while constantly traveling.

"I try to eat organic whenever possible and have plenty of healthy options on hand," Martina says. "On the road, there's usually a salad bar and some kind of soup, fish and lean beef or chicken, and a nice selection of healthy side dishes. I love that our catering company is so health conscious. That helps."

Her focus on healthy eating has paid off with her daughters' opting to nosh on high quality foods, too.

"They actually like healthy food. Really, they do!," she says. "But I'm not restrictive with what they eat. I mean, they're kids. Sometimes they complain to me and say, "There's nothing to eat in this house." And I'll say, "Yes, there is. There's a bowl of apples and there's cheese and crackers."

Martina will appear at select Lilith Fair performances. For a full list of performers, cities and dates, click here.

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