Martina McBride and her husband John are that rare showbiz couple that manages to simultaneously pull off successful music careers, a happy marriage and a normal family life as the parents of three daughters. (John McBride is also the owner of the famed recording facility Blackbird Studios in the Nashville suburb of Berry Hill.)

The couple met in early 1987, began dating in April of that year and were engaged by May. They married a year later. Now, after 22 years of marriage, John McBride still lights up when he talks about his country star wife.

"I'm not a religious guy, but I always felt God put us together," he tells The Boot. "It's crazy. I'd never had that feeling before. This girl, she's incredible, and I love her more [now] than I ever have. I told her, 'If we could bottle what we have, we could retire, girl.' We're so lucky."

And while it may appear they have a fairytale life, McBride says, "It takes work, too. It's not all just a walk in the park. [But] we have a great relationship. She's my best friend. She's my partner." Then he adds with a wry smile, "I encourage all my friends to find a farm girl/rock star from Kansas and marry her."

John is certainly a rock star in his wife's eyes, as well.

"When people ask me the secret to staying married, the most obvious answer is that I chose well. Or got lucky, depending on how you look at it," Martina McBride wrote in an article for NBC's 'Today' show. "I married a man who is a great partner. He is thoughtful, kind, considerate, romantic, handsome and really funny. We love each other's company, our personalities complement each other, and we respect each other. He thinks I'm smart and funny, and I think the same about him. We are a great team."

That team includes daughters Delaney (15), Emma (12) and Ava (5) -- all "well adjusted, happy people," according to mom.

"Just because I sing, I am not a big star in my house; I'm Mom," she tells American Profile magazine. "You are shaping little people. It's way more important than record sales or any awards or TV shows. I really want them to have the same kind of upbringing I had. It's not going to be the same in a lot of circumstances, but the way I raise my kids, the things I teach them, the values I teach them, and that sense of self I'm going to pass onto them, is the same."

McBride is currently on tour in the UK and Ireland and will return to the States to continue touring later this month, including a few stops on the all-female Lilith Fair trek.

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