'American Idol,' is responsible for launching the careers of some of music's hottest acts, including country's Carrie Underwood, along with Kellie Pickler, Bucky Covington and Danny Gokey. But as auditions continue for the upcoming season, the spotlight is focused on the judges' table. With Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi all having left the show, their replacements, singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler are generating plenty of buzz. But at least one fellow entertainer thinks the addition of one of the new judges is a big mistake.

"I think it's the stupidest thing [Steven's] ever done in his life," Kid Rock tells Entertainment Weekly. "He's a sacred American institution of rock 'n' roll, and he just threw it all out the window. Just stomped on it and set it on fire."

Kid's harsh words show no mercy for those in Steven's inner circle, either. "I think whoever's advising him, we should bring back the guillotine, or whatever they call that thing. And if it was himself, he needs some serious counseling. I love him to death, but I gotta speak the truth."

The hit show, which was at one point rumored to be courting Shania Twain for a seat at the judges' table, is still being supported by at least one 'AI' alum.

"I hope the show does stick around," Bucky tells The Boot. "It does do a lot of things for people. There's a lot of talent in the folks all over the country, and the world for that matter. It's a great way for some people to get into the industry ... so I really do hope the show continues."

Kid Rock has appeared with Aerosmith, along with hip-hop group Run-D.M.C, in a special version of Aerosmith's hit 'Walk This Way.' Check out the video here.