First he's feeling like a rock star, then he's feeling lover's lament. Kenny Chesney's Welcome to the Fishbowl album, due June 19, is already proving to be a roller coaster ride of emotions, as he follows the project's upbeat first single, "Feel Like a Rock Star," with the melancholy "Come Over."

"'Come Over' is about two people who are as broken as their relationship is, when they realize deep down that their time together has probably run its course, but they aren't really ready to emotionally or physically move on to something else," says Kenny. "They keep going back to each other because it's familiar. It's about emotionally feeling wanted in a moment, but it feels impossible to let anybody else fill that void. It's a really sexy song with lyrics that are incredibly universal."

"Come Over" was written by Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Listen to the song in the video player below.

While "Come Over" is already at country radio, Kenny's "Feel Like a Rock Star" duet with Tim McGraw is still sitting pretty in the Top 20 on Billboard's country songs chart. Their collaboration will no doubt be one of the many highlights of the longtime friends' upcoming Brothers of the Sun tour. Kenny and Tim hit the road June 2, with special guest Jake Owen also along for the ride. Get tour dates and ticket information here.

"It's the fans that make this all happen and we're ready to let this show loose on you," says Kenny of the upcoming trek. "We're rehearsed and our bags are packed, so get your tailgating ready and we'll see you in the parking lots and in the stadiums all summer long."

Hear Kenny Chesney's 'Come Over'

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