Is Katy Perry the latest pop singer to trade in her bikini for cowboy boots? Not exactly. However, a demo of a song that the 'California Gurls' singer penned for country-pop songstress Jessie James has been leaked. The demo track, which is a preliminary version of the tune that songwriters use to pitch to artists, is voiced by Katy herself.

'Bullet' combines Katy's signature spunk with a little banjo, to give it country flavor. The lyrics should fit right in on country radio, as well, as the song starts with, "My mama warned me 'bout boys like you / It's the reason I wear these steel-toed boots / Let me give you a little piece of advice / My papa packs heat, and he won't think twice."

Even though Katy sounds like she was born to sing this song, it becomes obvious that 'Bullet' is written specifically for Ms. James, as it continues, "Why do you think they call me Jessie James? / Too much trouble, better stay away / Grab your hat, better get gone / But if you stay, you've been warned."

The chorus screams classic Katy as it warns a prospective lover, "I'm a bullet and I'm headed straight for your heart / Be careful what you start / I'm a bullet and I'm headed straight for your heart / It's gonna leave a mark."

This isn't the first song that Katy has given to another artist. She wrote two tunes for Kelly Clarkson ('I Don't Hook Up' and 'Long Shot'), as well as one for Selena Gomez ('That's More Like It').

Jessie recorded 'Bullet' for her debut album. Listen to the demo track on PopCrush here.

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