She's a two-time 'Dancing With the Stars' champ, has a leading role in a blockbuster film (with two more on the way) and a major label record deal. So it may seem like things come easy for the multi-talented Julianne Hough. But according to Country Music Is Love, the blond beauty is beginning to get a taste of the "hurry up and wait" frustration, an ailment as old as record labels themselves.

Julianne's debut album was released in May 2008, followed by a Christmas collection later that year. But the 23-year-old star insists she hasn't been neglecting music in the more than three years since. While doing press for her new movie, 'Footloose,' she revealed that her sophomore album has been completed for some time.

"It's done," Julianne told NBC's Los Angeles affiliate. "It's been a while since it's been done, and so I'm like, 'Well, I kind of want to rewrite some new things.' I would rather just release it online and let fans hear the music that I already have, that I can't publish -– but my label would get really mad."

No official release date for the album, which is reportedly titled 'Wildfire,' has been given at the moment. But fans were able to hear a taste of it earlier this year, though illegally. Julianne's cell phone, which contained recordings of some of her new songs, was hacked and distributed on the internet. One song with the title 'I'll Be the DJ' was co-written with Carrie Underwood.

While we wait on 'Wildfire,' fans hungry for Hough can catch her in theaters, or -- given her rate of success -- just about anywhere else.

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