With 'Burlesque,' 'Footloose' and the recently wrapped 'Rock of Ages' big-screen adaptation under her acting belt, Julianne Hough's film career is in full momentum. The dancer-turned-singer-turned-actress has just signed on for her next movie project, co-starring once again with funnyman Russell Brand (who's also in 'Rock of Ages') for a yet-to-be-titled film.

Julianne will star as a young woman who loses herself in the perversion of the Las Vegas nightlife, following her loss of faith after surviving a plane crash. Her character finds an unlikely companion, portrayed by Russell, who helps the troubled woman on her path to self discovery.

Julianne's untitled movie project is the directorial debut for Diablo Cody. The screenwriter first gained critical notoriety after winning the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2007 for 'Juno.'

Before her next project begins shooting, Julianne is set to hit the red carpet for the premiere of 'Footloose,' which will be released to theaters on Oct. 14. "It was going to be this singing, dancing, big shebang movie," she told The Boot while filming the flick, in which she plays the female lead. "Now it's going to be more like the original and really holding all the key points from the movie. It's great for me, because I feel like it's a real performance, acting piece for me. I don't sing or dance in it, so it's going to be really fun and challenging."

Watch an exclusive clip from 'Footloose,' the remake of the 1984 cult classic, below.

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