Gerard Butler may be more of an action star than a dancer, but he does show off some great moves in his hit romantic comedy, 'The Ugly Truth.' And the truth is, he has Julianne Hough to thank.

"I took a few lessons, because I had no idea what I was doing," the actor tells TV Guide. "She did me a big favor there."

Gerard knew of Julianne, not through her music career but through his neighbors. "I knew a bunch of the guys from 'Dancing With the Stars' because I used to live in the same building as them," he says.

While Gerard thinks he is too much of a klutz to ever appear on 'Dancing With the Stars,' he does have one recommendation for a future celebrity contestant: his co-star in 'The Ugly Truth,' Katherine Heigl. "This lady was just on it, and she had it right away," he says of the actress. "That's why it came alive, because to be honest, if I was dancing with somebody who wasn't that great, it would have been a disaster. Katie was on it, and I wasn't."

Gerard may be able to repay the favor to his dancing teacher. Julianne will make her big screen acting debut in a remake of 'Footloose' next year.