Readers of The Boot have voted Josh Thompson's 'Turn It Up' as our Album of the Month for April 2014.

Thompson's fans turned out to vote very actively, winning him 55 % of the overall vote against such established artists as Martina McBride, Rodney Crowell and Charlie Daniels, as well as newcomers Dan + Shay and more.

The album, which releases Tuesday (April 1), is Thompson's sophomore studio effort, and it shows some new sides of the musician.

"It was a different experience," he says, compared to his 2010 debut, 'Way Out Here.'

He adds, 'It always is, with different producers. Just different approaches, different musicians. The thing I liked best about it was where we ended up cutting it. We did it in the old RCA building. I mean, everybody that I loved growing up that recorded a country album did it there. So that was a great vibe."

The new album kicks off with an up-tempo track titled 'Down for a Get Down.' Thompson says that energy helped shape the entire album.

"We chose the song that took the most steroids," he relates. "This song is a big jump for me. It's a new phase for me. It's got ... the track's booming, and it just kinda really sets the pace. It's really lead-footed, and it's got some meat to it."

The album's title track, 'Turn It Up,' implies more than one meaning. "It's really about turning up everything that you can possibly turn up, without necessarily talking about the volume in your car," Thompson reveals. "Turn up the music, turn up the band, turn up the cold one in your hand, turn up the feel good, turn up the crazy . . . you know, turn everything up, and lock the world out. That's really why we ended up naming this record that, because when it's show time, or if you're out Friday night trying and you want to forget the week, turn everything up, and everything else out."

The album's lead single, 'Cold Beer With Your Name On It,' caught Thompson because of its lyrical content. "It was very sad," he notes, "but the music just makes it okay. You get the feeling that he's gonna be just fine. She's not coming back, but he's drinking alone on a tailgate, so I'm not sure he cares."

'Cold Beer With Your Name On It' is currently climbing the charts. Thompson has been touring with Justin Moore and Randy Houser on the Off the Beaten Path Tour. Tour dates are available on his website.

'Turn It Up' is available at Amazon and iTunes.