Joey + RoryJoey + Rory's fans had a sneak preview of songs from their upcoming album while the duo were out on the road with the Zac Brown Band. The crowd has been reacting strongly to one song in particular, a tune the husband-and-wife team penned with Zac.

"We wrote with Zac a couple times while we were out," Rory tells The Boot. "Just jumped on his bus and hung out and he and I wrote some songs. One of the tunes, 'This Song's for You,' was written specifically for our fans, telling them how we feel about them."

Joey + Rory were joined by Zac and his band in Bakersfield, Calif., toward the end of their recent tour, to perform the song, which Zac introduced by saying, 'This is a brand new song. Rory and I wrote this song. You write about a whole lot of things whenever the moment hits you, but this song's for you."

Fans reacted positively to lines such as: "If you got up this morning and you went to work today, this song's for you," "If it's takin' all you've got these days just to make ends meet, and you'd like to give a piece of your mind to those fat cats on Wall Street" and " If you wish we didn't have to send our boys to war, but you still think this country of ours is sure worth dying for, this song's for you.'

"It's done well, so we're all gonna go in together, down in Atlanta, and record it," says Rory. "We will add it to our record. We're excited about that!"

Joey says the song is one that just hits you with what it says. "We go out and play and make a living singing songs and having people buy our music and purchase tickets," she tells The Boot. "They pay their hard-earned money, they come out and support us, so we feel like we can give back to them through this song. It's an exciting song to sing live because the people feel so important and it puts the spotlight on them instead of us. We feel real strong about it and have high hopes for it."

Rory describes the sound on their new album as pretty similar to their first. "Our sound is very acoustic country music," he says. "We've got a bluegrass producer, Carl Jackson, and we use bluegrass instrumentation, but we sing country songs. We concentrated more on the songs than anything else. We like great songs and story songs and things that have to do with our lives; things that are important to us.

"There's always a couple cowboy and rodeo songs; that's part of my wife's life, the western world and horses. And we always include at least one song about our faith, and then we stick with the cheating theme. There's a lot of fun things to sing about. Our last album pokes a little fun at the music industry, so we'll do a little of that this time too. We're really excited about the album, and we're looking forward to our fans hearing it."

Joey + Rory are also featured singers on the Zac Brown Band's new video, 'Free,' which was filmed at Atlanta's Fox Theatre. They are joined by Little Big Town, Shawn Mullins and Kid Rock.

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