Throughout Joey Feek’s battle with cancer, family, friends and fans sent well wishes and showing their support for Joey + Rory in many ways. But one of the sweetest tributes came from Feek's husband and duo partner, Rory Feek.

Rory Feek kept fans updated on his wife's condition, both the good and the bad, through his blog, This Life I Live. In the most recent post before announcing his wife's death on March 4, Feek shared a video slideshow featuring photos of Joey Feek, himself and their family and loved ones: snapshots of the Feeks with their daughters, photos of the couple getting ready to perform, a sweet shot of Joey Feek on the couch with a bowl of cereal, some of the pictures that Rory Feek took during his wife's last few months.

"I went through some pictures on my computer last night and let them take me back. Back to when we met … oh, how young and beautiful she looked," Rory Feek writes. "And I let them carry me through the years, to where we are now. Lying here beside me, she is still so beautiful to me."

The slideshow is set to a song called "In the Time That You Gave Me," which Joey + Rory recorded for, but cut from, 2012's His and Hers.

"In the time that God gave her … I believe Joey’s given all she could give. She’s loved all she could love, and lived all she could live," Rory Feek continues. "And her faith … yes, it’s strong enough to save her.  I know she’s done Him and all of us proud … in the time that He gave her."

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