In November, RFD-TV aired a five-hour marathon of The Joey + Rory Show, in honor of Joey Feek’s battle with terminal cancer and in celebration of her faith and music. Accompanying the episodes was a special video filled with personal messages and well wishes for the Feeks. Country artists from Reba McEntire to Marty Stuart and Connie Smith sent their love and offered prayers and personal anecdotes to Joey Feek and her husband, Rory Feek. But perhaps no one's message was more special than Dolly Parton's.

Parton was Joey Feek's musical hero. "From the time she was four years old, Joey had been singing Dolly’s songs and dreamed of one day meeting her," Rory Feek shares; in fact, Joey Feek’s very first performance, at a talent show in first grade, was Parton's “Coat of Many Colors," a song that regularly made its way into Joey + Rory's setlists.

"She never got the chance to meet her in person and had no idea that Dolly even knew who she was," Rory Feek continues. "But that changed one Friday evening this past November."

In Parton's video message to Joey + Rory, the country icon says that she is a big fan of their music and thanks the couple for covering her songs and being a fan. She then adds, “We have something in common: We both believe in a higher power. We believe that, through God, all things are possible, so you keep prayin’, and I’ll keep prayin’ for you …”

The video above, filmed by Rory Feek, captures his wife's reaction to Parton's well wishes: tears and disbelief.

“How did that happen?” Joey Feek asks. When her husband tells her that Parton heard their story and sent the video, she replies, "It’s better than meeting her."

It's clear in the clip that Feek is weak, and her voice is quite soft, but it's an incredibly candid, beautiful moment.

About five months after her terminal cancer diagnosis, Joey Feek passed away on March 4.

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