Joey + Rory have provided an update on Joey Feek's condition after her Thursday (July 9) surgery to help treat her Stage IV cervical cancer.

In a post on the couple's "This Life I Live" blog, Rory Feek explains that his wife's surgery took about 10 hours, and that Joey Feek's surgeon "told us that everything had gone well in the surgery and that he believes that they were able to get all of the main tumor removed, along with two infected lymph nodes and other places that were affected. They also did intra-operative radiation on some areas where they weren’t able to get a clear margin.

"All in all, he was very positive and hopeful," Rory Feek adds. "So we are too."

Feek goes on to explain that his wife will recover at Chicago's Cancer Treatment Centers of America, where her surgery took place, for 7-10 days. After that, the couple and their daughter Indiana will head home for a week or two, then return to Chicago for five weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, followed by 18 weeks of more aggressive chemo.

Not only has Joey Feek received lots of flowers and get-well cards, but Rory Feek reveals that, while at the CTCA, they encountered a fan who offered some encouraging words.

"Yesterday in the waiting room, one of the patient's family members here came up to our manager Aaron and told him that she recognized us and that they were big fans of ours," Feek writes. "Then she told him, 'Tell Joey and Rory not to worry ... in here, everyone is treated like a celebrity.' I love that."

Feek concludes, "Some roads we go down in life are smooth and easy, and some we take are rough and rocky. This one’s gonna be a little bumpy and scary at times ... but we’re gonna go down it together the same way we’ve gone down all the ones before -- hand in hand -- taking it one moment, one hour, and one day at a time."

Those who would like to send get-well wishes to Joey Feek can find her address at the CTCA on the duo's Facebook page.

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