Jimmy Wayne donated his time this past weekend to help Nashville's Salvation Army warehouse prepare the gift-giving process for their annual Angel Tree Program this coming Friday (December 17). Jimmy, along with his adopted dog, Ruby, helped the volunteers in attendance sort through gifts given by families and individuals to children and elderly folks throughout the area who will be unable to supply gifts for their own family. Emotions ran high as some of the fans in attendance were moved to tears by the sight of hundreds of bags filled with clothes, toys and household items.

"Today I was asked, 'Jimmy, why doesn't the music business help lead the way so you can get your story out that helps people?'" Jimmy said following the event. "My response is, 'Man doesn't know the way; only God knows the way. Had man lead the way, I would be another lost soul with a story.' I don't even follow my heart. I ask God, 'What do you want me to do?' Twelve years later He answered, 'Walk halfway across America,' [which inspired project Meet Me Halfway].

"I am thankful for those who do hear, listen and support what I'm doing," he continued. "What do I want in return? Security for every kid out there. I've been given all I need: a roof, food and good health -- the tools I need to do the job I was born to do. I dedicate my life to helping. I saw a car in the junk yard. It reminded me that someone had invested their wages and life into that car at one time ... now look at it. It's not me being religious; I just think it makes sense to help people ... especially those who can't help themselves."

Those who wish to participate in the Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program have until Wednesday (December 15) to sponsor a child to give them a Christmas to remember. The Angel Trees are set up in malls across America. For more information or to locate an Angel Tree click here.

Look for Jimmy on CBS' 'A Home for the Holidays,' which will share touching stories about foster-care adoption. During his segment, Jimmy will tell his story of life on the streets as a foster child and the elderly family who took him in at 16 years old. 'A Home for the Holidays' will air on Wednesday, December 22.