When Jimmy Wayne left Nashville, Tenn. on foot January 1, he had no idea that his project Meet Me Halfway solo-walk across America would take as long as it has. But on Wednesday evening, June 30, the reality of the final steps closing in hit Jimmy as he crossed over the Arizona state line.

"I have walked from Nashville to Arizona," Jimmy told The Boot in amazement as he stood at mile marker 0. "I still can't believe it, but knowing that I'm not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk for these teens makes it worth it day after day."

Jimmy came up with the idea for Project Meet Me Halfway last December, while thinking of ways to help give back to those less fortunate. Jimmy himself was homeless as a teenager, bouncing around to 12 different schools over a two-year period. At age 16, he was taken in by the Costner family, who provided him a room with the stipulations that he would cut his hair and go to church.

Jimmy stayed with the Costners for four years before heading to college, earning a degree in Criminal Justice. Not long after, he moved to Nashville to pursue country music. Throughout his career, Jimmy has always made a point to share his story and do whatever possible to help kids in the foster-care system.

"No one should ever have a reason to say 'I'm bored' when there's so many youth that need our support," says the singer.

Jimmy's final destination on this portion of his Meet Me Halfway trek is HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix, Ariz. He expects to arrive there toward the end of July. To keep up with Jimmy on the remainder of his journey, follow him on Twitter.