Alanna Conaway
Alanna Conaway

Just five miles shy of completing his extraordinary Meet Me Halfway solo-walk across America, Jimmy Wayne found himself sidelined. The singer had to visit a podiatrist on Saturday (July 31) to address some severe foot pain. While walking the steep grades out of Mesa, Arizona earlier this week, Jimmy began suffering a swollen ankle which led to him not being able to walk more than 13 miles on Friday.

"WalkD as far as I could walk 2day," he posted on his Twitter page Friday. "LayD on the concrete; N so much pain; [the support vehicle] picked me up; I'll walk the last 5 miles N2 Phoenix in the am."

Dr. Brian Allan opened his Mesa office especially for Jimmy on Saturday, taking x-rays on both feet. Dr. Allan determined that Jimmy shattered the back of his right ankle, which is a very rare break that will take six to eight weeks to heal.

"I cannot even imagine what it would be like for a homeless teen out there who experiences this something like this and does not have the resources to get help," Jimmy told The Boot after leaving the doctor's office. Once homeless himself as a teenager, Jimmy started the walk to raise money and awareness for teens who age out of the foster care system.

After Jimmy's ankle was put in a walking brace and he was given prescription to numb the pain, he set back out where he left off Friday evening in Scottsdale, Ariz.

"This will slow me down, but I am going to finish this walk," he insists, adding with a smile, "I am literally on the last leg of this trek!"

A video of Jimmy's doctor visit can be seen by clicking here. Jimmy will make his way into the Phoenix city limits Saturday evening, prior to taking the stage at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill for a special finale celebration concert. Sunday morning (August 1), Jimmy will complete his walk into HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix, where fans will have the chance to finish the last two miles with him.

Keep up with the final steps of Jimmy's amazing journey by following him on Twitter, or visit the Meet Me Halfway website.