Jerrod Niemann has revealed the track listing for his upcoming album, 'High Noon.'

The 34-year-old's third album is set for release in March, and from the sound of the song titles -- which Niemann is sharing exclusively with readers of The Boot -- the project isn't exactly a downer. Songs like 'Drink to That All Night,' 'We Know How to Rock,' 'Day Drinkin',' 'Buzz Back Girl' and 'Refill' are sure to set Niemann's fans up for another round of good times.

“This is a record to get you in the mood before going out on Friday or Saturday night," he explains. “I came up playing in bars, and that's always going to peek through in my music. A lot of the people we play for have a beer in their hand, and my job is to get whatever's on their mind off their mind. So always, at least half the songs about partying -- hey, it’s better than crying, right?”

Niemann is giving fans an interactive way to get in on the fun between now and March 25, when the album will drop. They can visit and find free downloads, games and exclusive video content in advance of the release.

The album’s debut single, ‘Drink to That All Night,’ is already in the Top 20. Download the song here.

'High Noon' is available for pre-order here.

Jerrod Niemann, 'High Noon' Track Listing:

1. 'Space'
2. 'Buzz Back Girl'
3. 'Drink to That All Night'
4. 'I Can't Give in Anymore'
5. 'We Know How to Rock'
6. 'Come On, Come On'
7. 'Lucky #7'
8. 'Donkey'
9. 'Day Drinkin''
10. 'The Real Thing'
11. 'Beach Baby'
12. 'Refill'
13. 'She's Fine' (w/ Colt Ford)