Jerrod Niemann has released a music video for "Blue Bandana," the debut single from his upcoming new album.

The song includes lyrics like, "She had a flower in her hair, a little smoke was in the air / We were chillin’ in some lawn chairs, saying we wish we could’ve seen Woodstock ... She’s a Bonnaroo baby, she’s Coachella crazy / She’ll be folking out in Newport, you’ve probably seen her before / Up at Lollapalooza, in the muddy Wakarusa / She’ll be at the Hangout down in Alabama / Just look for the girl in the blue bandana," and the accompanying music video shows a girl driving across the country in an old VW van, as well as scenes of Niemann performing live and singing on his bus.

"Blue Bandana" was written by Ben Goldsmith, C.J. Solar and Andrew Scott Wills, three writers who have never had a hit song before -- which is what made the tune so appealing to Niemann.

"There’s no jadedness in the lyric,” Niemann tells The Boot. “It’s all fresh talent.”

Although the singer-songwriter is perfectly capable of penning his own tunes, having written some of his biggest hits, including "One More Drinking Song" and "What Do You Want," along with songs for Garth Brooks, John Anderson and Jamey Johnson, among others, he says that he doesn't feel the need to write all of the songs on his upcoming record.

“I want songs that make you feel something,” Niemann says. “I think you can overthink stuff to death when it comes to trying to figure out hits and things like that. If it’s something that just hits you, it usually hits everybody else. So if you hear a song, and go, ‘Wow, man, I’ve got to download that,’ I['ve got] to have that song.

“I usually just try to gravitate towards songs that made you want to move to town, or make you want to go to a live show, or just stuff that makes you anything but indifferent,” he adds.

"Blue Bandana" is available for download on iTunes.

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