Thanks to millions of fans, Jennifer Nettles has enjoyed a successful career as one half of country music duo Sugarland. And because the dynamic singer says she owes much of her exuberant stage persona to arts programs and the opportunities they afforded her while she was growing up, Jennifer is taking the stage for a special performance without her usual singing partner, Kristian Bush. She'll perform a solo, acoustic show at the Murchison Performing Arts Center in Denton, Texas, on January 15, 2011. The performance will benefit Attic Community Playground, a non-profit organization supporting the performing arts.

"Attic Community Playground is one of my dearest charities," says Jennifer. "Art programs within schools continue to be cut. To me this is a very sad fact. I not only enjoy a career in the arts, but I also enjoyed and benefited from the performing arts as a kid. Music, band, chorus, drama -- each of them provided me with outlets of emotional exploration and self expression, and offered me an avenue to develop self confidence."

Proceeds from the show will be donated to the Ponder High School Band and Choir program in Ponder, Texas, and the music program at the Museum School of Avondale Estates, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta, Jennifer's adopted hometown.

Native Texan Jack Ingram will open the show, which Jennifer says "should be a night of banter, music and, of course, fun for a good cause."

In addition to the confidence she's gained as a performer, Jennifer has also developed a keener sense of herself, which she mainly chooses to reveal through the songs she writes and records.

"I put so much of myself and my heart and my life into my music that there is a lot fans automatically get just by listening to the music and watching or reading interviews," Jennifer told The Boot last year. " I'm pretty open and honest and definitely strive for my own authenticity, so I think that [translates] across the board and it doesn't become this mysterious shroud ... If you want to know who I am, I put it out there in my music and my interviews, so go check that out. [But] my personal life, my loved ones, those I want to protect."

For more information on Attic Community Playground, visit their official website.

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