Don't worry -- Sugarland isn't breaking up anytime soon, but lead singer Jennifer Nettles is looking for a new duet partner. It's all part of ABC's upcoming reality competition show, "Duets." The vocal powerhouse joins Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie and Robin Thicke as the four celebrity recording artists who will search the country for aspiring singers, recruiting them for the program. The show is set to air on Thursdays, starting May 24, with the celebrities pairing each week with a different protegé for a televised duet.

"I am most excited by the opportunity to perform WITH the contestants," Jennifer writes on her blog. "And, selfishly, while I know the premise is for the contestants to have the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge by performing with the artists, I know that there will be so much for me to learn from my fellow artists on the show as well (and probably from the contestants too)."

Watch a preview of "Duets" here, and check out the two videos below, which show Jennifer auditioning duet partners.

Watch Jennifer Duet With Brandon in Las Vegas

Watch Jennifer Duet With James in Las Vegas