If anyone has stories to share and advice to give, it’s Jana Kramer. And now, the country artist and television actress will share those stories and that advice in a new book.

Set for release this fall, The Good Fight is being touted as a self-help book that chronicles the challenges that Kramer and husband Mike Caussin have gone through during their marriage.

"[At first] I was writing a book about my life and our relationship, and at the time, we did a treatment that I gave to Mike,” Kramer tells People magazine. “He just ripped it up and was like, 'You're not releasing this.' [He was] just full of shame, which I get [now]. At the time I was like, 'I want to help people.'"

“We're not trying to claim that we have it all figured out,” Caussin adds. “We learned from clinical professionals that we've had in our lives steer us in the right direction. We have the tools. [The book] is vulnerable, it's authentic, it's direct, it's funny, it's passionate."

When Kramer and Caussin celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary on Friday (May 22), she headed to her Instagram page to not only share the news of their new book, but also to reveal some more about the personal feelings surrounding why she wanted to write it.

“We poured our hearts and souls into this book,” Kramer writes alongside a picture of her and Caussin smiling with the new book in their hands. “This book shares our journey, our past, our pain, our triumphs, our darkest days, and all the lessons along the way. Mike and I share two different perspectives throughout the entire book, and at the end of the day, we truly hope this book helps those that want to grow, need encouragement, tools and a little silver lining ...

"We have been through hell and back, learned a lot along the way and still trying to do better each day," she adds, "but no matter what, we continue to fight The Good Fight.”

Kramer and Caussin have long been fairly open about their various troubles, including Caussin's battle with a sex addiction and Kramer's struggle with her own feelings about his infidelity. The two have found a way to press on not only for each other, but for their two children, Jolie and Jace.

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