Zach Top's "Sounds Like the Radio" is a sneaky introduction to the newcomer. The fiddle-bent foot-stomper leans traditional in a way most from this 21st century neo-traditional movement won't.

Lyrically, he checks all the boxes: There's a girl and a truck and some beer beneath a neon light. Top and his co-writing team (Carson Chamberlain and Wyatt McCubbin) refer to Alan Jackson and 1994, a year considered to be a golden hour for the genre.

"Sounds Like the Radio" wins because you can understand and sing along before he finishes his third chorus. This no-frills approach is a welcome companion to traditional songs that require you to stop and pay close attention.

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Top is a hot "artist to watch" in 2024, and he seems to embracing it. Fans learn a bit about where he came from in the first and second verse of "Sounds Like the Radio," but find out even more in how he released the song. It's meant for terrestrial country radio first, and programmers kind of love when you mention the platform.

He'll do well with this song in 2024 — don't be surprised if he's signed to a major label by summer.

Who Is Zach Top?

Twenty five-year-old Zach Top grew up on a ranch in Sunnyside, Wash., and played in a variety of bluegrass bands in his teens and early 20s.

Listen to Zach Top, "Sounds Like the Radio":

Zach Top, "Sounds Like the Radio" Lyrics:

Well the day I was born the doc couldn't believe / I came out cryin' Chattahoochee / Didn't take too long after that / For the hair on my head to grow long in the back / Now all the girls want me to pick 'em up / When they hear me rollin' by in my pickup truck ... Cause it …

Sounds like the radio / Back in '94 you know / Hook a speaker up to my soul / It sounds like the radio / Sounds like a damn good time / Soakin' up some neon light / Well it's a little bit of fiddle and whole lot of country gold / Yeah, my whole life / Sounds like the radio.

Aw people call me a walkin' talkin' jukebox / I keep the hits spinnin' non-stop / Somethin' bout a steel guitar moanin' the blues / Makes me wanna throw back a case or two / They say honky tonk heroes go to heaven you know / Maybe that's why everybody wants to go ... Cause it …

Repeat Chorus

Well when I die lay me down in the ground / Next to an ol' beer joint with a party crowd, where it …

Repeat Chorus

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