Three people were injured when a bull escaped into the crowd during a rodeo just outside of Bend, Oregon over the weekend.

The crowd at the Sisters Rodeo in Oregon was sent into a panic after a bull, named Party Bus, jumped over the six foot fence and then ran wild through on-lookers.

[Warning: The following videos contain some strong language]

Once the bull cleared the fence, it then went on a mini-rampage next to the concessions stand, sending one woman airborne and chasing others towards safety.

Three people were injured in the events, but thankfully the bull's run was short-lived as rodeo pick-up men were able to rope the bull and get it back into a pen safely.

The rodeo did release a statement:

On Saturday, June 8, 2024, during the final section of the bull riding event at the Sisters Rodeo, a bull jumped a fence. The rodeo announcer immediately activated the emergency response plan. The bull ran out through the rodeo grounds and back to the livestock holding pens. Rodeo livestock professionals quickly responded to safely contain the bull. It was secured next to the livestock holding pens by our rodeo pickup men and immediately placed into a pen.

The Rodeo Sports Medicine Team, Sisters-Camp Sherman RFPD, and Cloverdale RFPD, rodeo staff and local law enforcement responded immediately with first aid and care. First responders confirmed that three persons were injured as a direct result of the bull; two of whom were transported to a local hospital.

We wish the best to all affected. The safety of our fans is our highest priority and we appreciate their support.

Despite the up and close incident on Saturday night, the rodeo continued on as planned on Sunday with no further incidents.

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