Kenny Chesney is the top-grossing touring country artist of all-time.

He has made more than a billion dollars in revenue from all of his tours to date and has recorded more than 20 albums and has amassed 32 No. 1 songs in his career.

It's hard to imagine it now, but Chesney was once a struggling musician, like most artists with a dream. While in college in 1989, Chesney was playing local clubs and bars everywhere he could. He even released an album without a record label — Good Old Boy ay Heart sold about a thousand copies.

Once he graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1990, he moved to Nashville and started to play the bar scene downtown. He was signed to his first record deal in 1994, with Capricorn Records.

Over the next thirty years, Chesney has delivered nearly two-dozen albums and has gone from playing small bars and honky-tonks, to arenas and then stadiums. His live shows are nothing short of spectacular — every time he plays a concert, no matter the size of the venue, he seems to sell it out.

Chesney is expected to drop a brand new album called, Born, on March 29, starting a new chapter in his career.

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