Duck Dynasty star Uncle Si Robertson paid tribute to men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice, but the top comments on his Instagram post were all about his health and wellness.

An Instagram post shared on May 27 finds him honoring soldiers who died fighting for America. An overwhelming majority of people commented in support of his Memorial Day post, but several wanted to know why he was hooked up to oxygen.

  • Si Robertson is Phil Robertson's younger brother. He was the breakout star of Duck Dynasty on A&E.
  • He retired from the Army in 1993.
  • Two years ago, he opened up about his lung problems.

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The inquiry was respectful. In the video he's seen speaking a bit slower than he normally does recording the Duck Call Room podcast. That's where he opens up about his personal life, as he did recently with a second big life-changing event.

What's Wrong With Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty?

In June 2022, Uncle Is shared that he was approved for a surgery that would insert valves to help an under-performing lung. The 76-year-old admits he has COPD and much of his breathing trouble was caused by 40 years of smoking cigarettes.

Three months later, he shared that the surgery went great. He’s been more or less back to work since then, aside from cataract surgery in late 2022.

Responses to questions about his health point to previous lung issues and how he's been spotted on oxygen from time to time.

"He's been on oxygen for some time, he uses it more some days than others. He said its from smoking too many Winstons in nam," writes one person.

"Duck call room episode 11 from 3 years ago he had it on, you can see it on youtube," shares another.

More recently, Si went under the knife in a different kind of way. During a June 4 podcast episode, he revealed he had his hair and beard trimmed for the first time in 31 years. He’s now clean-shaven along the sides with a big bushy goatee his co-hosts called a “mudflap” in the middle.

The reason for this new look? Uncle Si just wanted to change it up.

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