Duck Dynasty wrapped on A&E in 2017, but the Robertson family kept busy. Spinoffs, reality TV, books, podcasts, feature films and babies — so, so many babies — have helped expand the reach of the beloved duck hunting clan from Louisiana.

A few Robertsons simply grew up. Bella comes to mind; when Duck Dynasty began, Willie and Korie Robertson's little girl was just nine years old. Wait until you see her today!

The same is true for a few of patriarch Phil Robertson's other grandchildren. Sadie has made her own celebrity post-show, while Cole and Reed have become successful professionals. Duck Dynasty may have provided the money for a strong education and a few life advantages, but one has to credit these kids for owning it.

Bella Robertson Duck Dynasty
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The adults are now in their 50s, with the first generation (Phil, Kay and Uncle Si) nearing 80. No fewer than three successful podcasts occupy their time in 2024, a soft year compared to 2023 that found them promoting a movie called The Blind about Phil's life and relationship with God.

Our list of Duck Dynasty cast members then and now starts with the first generation and then goes to Willie Robertson, his wife and their six kids. After that, you'll find out what's become of Jase, Alan and Jep, plus their 10 kids. We even found out what the lesser-known non-family members are up to.

If you loved you some John Godwin, read to the end.

The next generation seems to be following their older relatives in a journey with God. They also have remained remarkably loyal to the men and women they marry, sometimes as young as 18. If there is a divorce or even a breakup among the group, we couldn't find it. When the Duck Dynasty crew says "I do," they mean it.

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