Kids' menus, usually filled with word games and picture games alike, can be a great way to pass the time for children as they wait on their food at restaurants. But, Cracker Barrel has some explaining to do with their kids' menu.

On the backside of the menu is an old-school picture find called Homestyle Moments. At the top it asks kids to find seven forks hidden on the page. As you can see below, six are pretty easy to locate, but the seventh is nowhere to be found.


This has driven so many people crazy there is actually a Reddit thread filled with other parents asking where the seventh and final fork could be. No one has a good answer.

Now some people have wondered if the fork in the white text box counts, but most have pushed back that it isn't hidden and it's also a part of another activity on other pages and should not count as a single stand alone fork.

Others have claimed that the small child in the picture frame, his arm and fingers could be construed as a fork, but it obviously doesn't fit the outline of the six other forks that are easily found on the page.

What do you think? Did Cracker Barrel make a mistake in printing these? Or is this a very easy way to keep all kids occupied as they have to wait for their order of confetti pancakes to come out of the kitchen? This, of course, is just another question of what is going on at Cracker Barrel.

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