After spending the last year writing and recording new music, Hunter Hayes has released a new single, "Yesterday's Song."

"Yesterday's Song" is a new sound from Hayes, opening with loud guitars and drums and an inviting "na na na" chat. Hayes sings about about a girl who was, metaphorically speaking, the song he "used to leave ... playin' on repeat" and "spun ... 'til it turned on me."

"I got new moves, and you're old news / I got a new song I wanna sing to you / I'm gonna get by, I'm gonna get through without you ..." Hayes sings. "Now you're just yesterday's song / You're yesterday's song."

During the past year, Hayes has written more than 100 songs, a press release reports, and he's given fans a peek at three of them through social media. In addition to "Yesterday's Song," which was written by Hayes, Martin Johnson and Barry Dean and produced by Dann Huff, the singer has shared clips of "Amen" and Young Blood."

“I’m beyond excited to share this new single with everyone,” says Hayes in a press release. “I’ve been on such an incredible journey this past year, not just musically but personally as well. There’s always been that next goal to reach, whether it was a single or an album or an arena tour, and this is the first time I’ve really been able to kind of step back from all of that and just let my instincts and creativity flow.

"I’ve waited a long time to get this new music out," he adds, "and "Yesterday’s Song" really captures that free feeling, that joyous realization that you’re moving on and starting this fresh, new chapter.”

"Yesterday's Song" is available for download on iTunes.

Listen to Hunter Hayes, "Yesterday's Song":

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